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Frequently asked questions
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What is Sunrise?

Sunrise is more than a service. It’s a way of life we optimize just for you. From moments as simple as a daily wake-up routine or elaborate as a memorable dinner party. As basic as finding the best plastic-free soap or as complex as a sound dietary plan for intermittent fasting. Our intuitive, friendly, yet powerful AI manages and enhances your daily life, and picks the best products for all your goals and moments. Then we deliver it on your terms, through our AI-powered circular delivery schedule.

Your nutrition, budget, and impact on the planet—we take care of it all. And you don’t even have to think about it. Pretty cool, right?

What makes Sunrise so special?

Only with Sunrise can you finally live a healthy and sustainable life without compromising convenience or budget. Sunrise AI gets to know you so it can suggest the best products for your health, the environment, and your wallet. Then, twice a week, just give the thumbs up and we deliver all you need to your door.

We don’t just make life easy—we make it better.

How much time do I save using Sunrise?

Think about how much time you've spent over the years trying to find the right products to support your health, diet, lifestyle, or values. Think about all the extra time you'd need to spend if you want to live a truly healthy and sustainable life—if you want to understand the science behind it and learn the best practices for you and your family.

Now imagine if you could have all that time back, plus much better products to boot. That's what Sunrise is all about! With our advanced AI, you get to live more of your life the way you want. And you'll feel better knowing you're making the best choices for you and your family, without any of the stress or effort.

What are Sunrise Moments?

At Sunrise, we believe life isn't defined by the things we buy. It's the moments that matter—the big ones, the small ones, and everything in between. That's why we built our AI to focus on these. Want to host the perfect dinner party? We got you covered. Training for a marathon? Good to know! Want chocolate? Yeah, we definitely get that.

These are just a few examples of what we call Moments. And, by incorporating Moments in your personalized ordering process, Sunrise AI always gets you the right products at the right time—without messing with your long-term goals. Try it out!

What is the Sunrise Goodness Index™?

You’ll find the Goodness Index listed next to each Sunrise item in the app. This is our proprietary science-based score that compiles measures of personal and planetary health. Basically, it’s what anyone should want to know about the products on their table or in their home.

But the Goodness Index doesn't just inform your choices; it also helps us source the right products. And it's not only about what you're buying today but also about the impact your purchases have over time. Long story short, the Goodness Index lets you see how the choices you make today add up to a healthier and more sustainable future for you and the world. We think it's pretty awesome.

Does Sunrise offer all the products I need?

Thanks to our vast network of mission-driven suppliers, we have everything you need to lead a great life. Meals, recipes, ingredients, pasta, spices, snacks, sweets, nuts, ice cream, sauces, dressings, fresh produce, beverages, flowers, candles, pastries, bread... We deliver all these and more, including a wide array of personal care and cleaning products. And our products are seasonal, local, clean, natural, chemical-free, waste-free, healthy, future-proof, and innovative.

Is Sunrise coming to my city?

We've just started an invite-only beta in Amsterdam. San Francisco, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, NYC, Boston, Paris, and Dublin are just some of the cities we’re planning to bring Sunrise to in the near future.

How can I sign up?

Join our waitlist! We look forward to letting you know when you can start using Sunrise.

Why is Sunrise subscription-only?

To deliver a lifestyle perfectly attuned to you and your Moments, our AI concierge needs to really know you. And that’s only possible if you consistently use Sunrise over a period of time through our monthly or annual subscription.

Sunrise AI

What does the Sunrise AI concierge do?

With Sunrise, your personal AI concierge is always there for you. You can chat about anything you want—from recipes and meal ideas to questions about seasonality or sustainability. You can ask it for specific items, or tell it about your larger life goals. You can mention your training regimen or that you’re doing intermittent fasting. And it'll not only suggest products for those Moments but also fit those suggestions into your bigger picture. The result is a truly personalized experience.

What does the Sunrise predictive AI do?

The more you use Sunrise, the better our predictive AI can very accurately anticipate what you want. We don't just mean new foods or products, either—we're also talking about what fits your bigger life goals. With each new chat you have with Sunrise AI, we get a little closer to fully automating all the tedious parts of life, while helping you really explore the fun. And because we’re an integrated model, our predictive AI actively helps reduce the insane amounts of food waste that plague our current food systems.

How does Sunrise personalize my experience?

The key to our personalization is in how the Sunrise AI concierge and predictive AI engine work together. It's a potent combination that takes things to a whole new level: Custom suggestions for products and recipes that match your tastes and preferences. Smart alerts that tell you when to replenish your essentials, or help you use your ingredients in the best way possible. And dynamic recognition of all the things you like or dislike. We can even help you with seasonal and timely moments, like mushroom season, hot summer night refreshments, or your annual family brunch.

Delivery & packaging

How does delivery work?

Just turn Sunrise on, and everything you need is brought to your doorstep, on your terms, through our AI-powered circular delivery schedule. You have up until the evening prior to your delivery to add, push, change, or cancel your order.

Why do you deliver twice a week?

Twice-a-week delivery is actually our not-so-secret key to how we help you achieve an effortlessly healthy and sustainable life. It means your supplies are always fully stocked but also super fresh. There’s also far less waste from larger packaging or unnecessary purchases, and you’ll have fewer products taking up precious space in your pantry, freezer, fridge, and home. From our side, it allows us to help you plan to a near-perfect degree, run our circular system, and keep our offering as affordable as possible. In general, it makes any transition seamless and your daily household management effortless.

What is Sunrise Circular?

When our Sunrider drops off your order, you can hand them all your empty Sunrise packaging. We call this method Sunrise Circular because all returned packaging is cleaned, sterilized, and put right back into circulation. This greatly reduces the plastics in your life as well as your environmental footprint. Bonus: Our circular packaging looks really nice in your kitchen!

Are all your products zero-waste?

Not yet, but they will be! Most of our products are already zero-waste. And for those we can't yet offer in our reusable containers, we still focus on reducing waste as much as possible.

With your and our suppliers' help, we're confident we can make a massive impact. As a matter of fact, we've calculated that when Sunrise reaches a million users, we’ll save about 4,000 garbage trucks' worth of plastic waste a year, and 40,000 garbage trucks of food waste!

Pricing & payment

What does Sunrise cost compared to other services?

The whole mission of Sunrise is to make a healthy and sustainable life elegantly simple and accessible. It’s why...

  • Our AI includes your budget constraints when it builds your suggested orders.

  • We get many of our products directly from the source, without the cost of a middleman.

Also, since Sunrise knows the best products and quantities for you, almost nothing goes to waste. You’ll also have the priceless peace of mind that everything you feed your family is made responsibly and elevates your health.

Are there any setup fees or hidden charges?

No setup fees or hidden charges. We don’t even charge a delivery fee or a deposit for our returnable Sunrise Circular packaging.

How does Sunrise help me stay within my budget?

Sunrise AI incorporates your budget profile in your product suggestions and as it builds your orders. It suggests replacements, adding or removing individual products without compromising your Moments. You won't even notice the difference, except in your wallet. You can also check your spending activity on your Sunrise financial dashboard.

How do I pay?

We offer multiple integrated payment options including:

  • Auto-collect after ordering

  • Tap to Pay at delivery

  • Prepay (and get a discount!)

Do I get a discount for a long-term commitment?

Yes, along with some great perks. And the more you order, the higher the reward! We also offer annual subscriptions that give you even more value for your money.

Privacy & security

How is my personal data used?

For this question, please see our Privacy Statement on this site.

Do you share my information with third parties?

For this question, please see our Privacy Statement on this site.

Is my data safe with Sunrise AI?

For this question, please see our Privacy Statement on this site.

Legal & compliance

What are the terms and conditions for using your app/website?

For this question, please see our Terms and Conditions on this site.

Is my information GDPR compliant?

For this question, please see our Privacy Statement on this site.

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